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Don't let important memories and ideas get lost.

Your organization holds a wealth of knowledge that is untapped and slipping away every day. Personnel churn, content fragmentation and fading memory result in countless hours spent trying to access and communicate past insight.

The History Project is a visual, unifying, and collaborative documentation tool to help your business move forward.

"The History Project has become our business agile approach to contextualizing brand history for digital consumption."

Erin Narloch

Archive Manager

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How people use The History Project

Capture stories about your company culture and history. That way, you can engage employees to share and experience moments across departments.

Work with teammates to document a project from start to finish. Then easily share with others to see your progress.

Gather stories and ideas about partnership histories. Identify insights that lead to better future relationships.

Bring key moments of company history into one place. Invite others to easily contribute and then easily share it, privately or publicly.

Organizational Knowledge Comes to Life

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